Mother and Child

The rainy season is in full swing and birds are breeding like rabbits. They have to, breeding success is low here in the neo-tropics. All to frequently, nests are robbed by snakes, squirrels or opposums. Some birds start  a new nest immediately after completing (or losing) the last one, up to three times per year.

This stripe-throated humming bird at least managed to bring one chick to fledgling stage. No small feat if you remember the above and also know that hummingbird males only contribute their genes to the breeding effort.

About keesgroenendijk

We are the owners of hotel Heliconia and Tanager tourism, two companies dedicated to Eco-tourism. We are located in Panama, on the west coast of the Azuero peninsula, close to Coiba Island and Cerro Hoya National Park. We provide accomodation and organise tours to Cerro Hoya, Coiba and other destinations.
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2 Responses to Mother and Child

  1. Rosemary Low says:

    This is fascinating information about the Azuero Parakeet and a wonderful photo of the species. I would like your permission to publish this photograph in a book I have nearly completed on Pyrrhura Conures to be published next year. Any more information would be most welcome.

    Thank you,

    Rosemary Low

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